Thursday, October 6, 2011

What the thought controlled generation doesn't understand about Occupy Wall Street

 The United States has almost completed the transfer to a totalitarian state. Citizens seem to think because they are law abiding citizens and own firearms, they are free and in control. Obedient citizens are allowed to possess firearms as long as they don't fire them except in areas designated by the oppressors. If you actually fire it or carry in a place not authorized by the controlling class, the praetorians will take the gun and your freedom. These are necessarily illusions in order to maintain the status quo and keep the herd in line. If you make a demand such as taxing the rich, you are recognizing their authority and give them permission to stay in control. Things such as religion, sports, and the main stream media keep you busy with unimportant matters while filtered media informs you what you ought to know and what you ought to think about it.   I am not saying politicians are  the real decision makers, most of them are just as blind, some think as if they really can make a difference. To make a demand would be to believe the current system can be fixed. If a leader is chose to give demands it will give them a target to buy off with short term reform and propaganda. I am not telling anybody what to believe, I am telling people to think. The pursuit of great wealth and addiction to money insists the heart become cold. Many U.S citizens eat very well never giving a thought to the billions of our fellow humans around the world starving and suffering so that a minority can live in wasteful abundance. Never let others think for you.

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