Thursday, April 26, 2012

Michigan Animal shelter is a criminal enterprise

There is something very wrong when you have to kidnap animals and hold them for ransom so you can have a "job". These well fed, lowly taught social parasites wear the stamp of our lowly origin with honor. These sneaky obedient slaves must be in dire need of funding, Michigan is broke so these unnecessary sponges kidnap well groomed animals knowing the loving owners will pay a ransom which is used to pay them for their otherwise unwanted services.

I arrived to the doggie jail five minutes after my dog, before he was even in the system. I provided vaccination to one of the many laughing smiling, empathy lacking predators who went through the documents with greedy eyes or horny drunk circling a group of women looking for some change any reason to pounce. Then with a sociopath smirk she told me my dog would have to stay the night since he was three weeks overdue for his final rabies booster. This emotionless shell of a human would not let me prepay then bring him back or budge in anyway. It's as if they were determined to leave him shaking in a cage for the night.

The next day I arrived before they opened with my ransom receipt which included impound fee 30,00, dog license renewal 12.00, and one rabies booster 22.00. As I waited for one of these callus hearted humans to unlock the door I thought about all the suffering they cause to animals and humans(emotional and financial) so they can have a job even if nobody wants or needs their services. Welcome to  Amerika, a country that ran out people around the world to bully so it set it's target on 99% of living things within it's own borders.

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