Sunday, May 20, 2012

Adam Smiths non-existent hand

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free."

Adams Smiths hand may be invisible but when banks are allowed to regulate themselves, it is non existent. The fascist who love to quote this haven't read the whole book and don't realize others exist. They say it's lonely on top but when you think you've made it there all by yourself you are not only wrong but in the vanguard of greedy destruction and human suffering. To "make it" on wall street is to be a selfish, uncaring, vulgar, sordid, and a scoundrel lacking anything resembling empathy. These blackguarding miscreants do it  impunity, immunity, and with the full support of the ignorant serf masses who actually believe that if they toil just long, just hard enough they too will join the Machiavellians in their sovereign gated communities, immune from the pesky rules the lowly taught unwashed masses are plagued by, like financial worry, TSA, law enforcement, and taxes. The sheeple willingly control their own. The police officer believes he is making a difference and earning a nod from the rich while he beats, tazzes, and arrests another poverty stricken minority for yet another victimless crime.  They really don't see the destruction and long term cost of mass arresting petty crimes like  pot possession, impaired driving, driving while license suspended and other victimless crimes while allowing bankers and hedge fund managers to literally kill, impoverish, and inflict suffrage on billions of their fellow humans. They drive up the cost of everything with their gas speculation while continuing to drag down the purchasing power of the dollar. They apply Band-Aids to the spurting arterial bleed that is our  Darwinian society.  They  think fuck the poor and working classes, send them to church and have them breed. If they're too stupid to realize they're slaves, fuck'em.

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